la compañía te paga billetes a donde sea la operativa desde tu casa, hotel en tu base operativa, transporte y desayuno
Roster 60 días en tu base operativa y 7 días off en tu casa (donde tu vivas)

Duty Allowance :  SCCM : 40 EUROS // CCM: 38 EUROS por dia
BLH FEE : sccm: 14 euros // CCM: 10 EUROS por hora
Contratos temporales
Operativa puede ser en cualquier parte del mundo,
Si tu vives en Madrid  te enviaran los billetes para los 60 días on en la base que te otorguen y te devolverán para tus 7 días off en Madrid


  • 1) What do you know about Smartlynx?
    2) Why did you decide to apply with our company?
    3) How do you handle stress?
    4) Which of your skills would you like to improve?
    5) What can you do best?
    6) Three things a passenger expects from cabin crew.
    7) What languages can you speak? 
    8) What would be your reaction if someone disagrees with you?
    9) Give an example of a medical or emergency situation you have experienced.
    10) If two passengers are having a dispute over one seat, how would you resolve the issue?
    11) What would you do if a passenger refuses to follow the rules?
    12) Are you ready for being away from home most of the time? 
    13) Have you ever done such one-way interview before and how prepared you feel?