Ryanair Interview Pilots


Sent application around the 20th of June
Assessment online within 10 days
2 days after got invitation for the 12 of july
Went to Upilot for 3 hours preparation, haven't flown since basic MCC no joc in January.
Absolutely suggested, good tips and not too expensive. Be award that there are trim problems on the joke. I flew like a fish and got worried, perfectly fine at Ryanair. The feedback system in the yoke is basically not working.
Technical interview:
Why swept wings, vortex generators, wingtip stall, engine on my twin, fuel contamimation, stab trim, orographic clouds, lenticular clouds, BR and FG in metars, carb icing temp range, bypass engines.
Questions regarding previous jobs, likes/dislikes regarding my school, challenging situations in previous jobs, what I would bring to the company, type rating starting preferences.
Assessors are friendly and easygoing, be precise and not too long in answers, go straight to the point and you'll prevent getting stuck where you don't want to be. Take your time to answer and correct yourself if you do some mistakes, it will be fine.
I believe it lasted 20-25 min
East midlands plates, sid then vectors, manouvers, climbs, descents + turns, 45° turns, display position on chart, emergency (medical), troubleshoot with your F/O, Dodar, nits, decided to head back (don't do it straight away, discuss it with tour partner), holding entry (just asked) vectored for ILS 27. PF went good then as PM basically same things. My partner just went around when visual at 100 feet because of glide at full deflection, and instructor said it was a good approach. No reasons to do that at that altitude, ripositioned us at Fix and let him go for another round.
Just be comunicative and act like you would do in reality. Don't get too stressed (easy to say afterwards...) but you don't need to panic.
If you're not native english speaking, just keep it simple and be confident.
From friday got positive answer today after there days, both me and my partner got the job.
Walking two feets from the ground.
Best of luck to you guys!