PAYMENT                                                                                      (GROSS)
FIX                                                                                      € 1,000.00 

JUNIOR CC Scheduled BLH (from 26th BLH)                       € 6.25 

SCCM Scheduled BLH HOUR                                               € 18.75 

CC Scheduled BLH HOUR                                                    € 12.50 

PER DIEMS                                                                          € 37.50 

• Service agreement contract; 

• The contract is NOT terminated; 

• Start of the contract - first day of Ground Training;

 • Start of the fixed payment - first day of Ground Training; 

• Each part has the right to terminate the contract with the notice period of 30 days; 

 • The roster is planned according to EASA FTL requirements. 

• Roster is planned for up to 30 days ON and 7 days OFF at home base. 

• Positioning to/from home is treated as DUTY and will be planned additionally on top of 7 consecutive days. 

• Each cabin crew must choose ONE HOME BASE. 

• The accident and health insurance are provided by company when out of home base. 

• Duty related tickets to/from home base are provided from the nearest INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. 

• In case of sick leave by providing the proving documents, 20-euro payment compensation remains up to 30 days per 12 months.