Cabin Crew : 

Base Pay: 600 EUR

Production pay: 90 EUR/per day

*Additional bonus of 37 EUR/DAY dor operating out of Denmark (Bonus is not applied to training flights)

Base pay to be applied from your dirst day of travel to Lithuania (For OCC). Production part is applied from your first flight day of travel to a designated line training place.

  • OCC ground part takes up two weeks
  • Contract term is 1 year, but regular extension is expected
  • Notice period is 30 days from both sides
  • You will have your home base, where you normally have your personal life. From there we buy you tickets to operational bases, and tikcets back.
  • We provide accommodation in operational bases. Same for local transport when away from home.
  • Our operational bases are BLL, CPH (Both Denmark) LMP and PNL (ITaly) Saarbrucken (Germany), a couple bases in Norway, one in Finland . and few more, which can nnot reveal yet.
  • Roster is normally published 1- 1,5 months ahead.
  • You should expect to be 2-3 weeks away on duty, then 1-2 weeks free at home.
  • Average- 18-20 duty days , 10-12 days at home or 50/50
  • You have 30 days of vacation per year
  • MY ID TRAVEL SYSTEM (Opportunity to travel cheaply) for leisure travel is available after 6 months.